vfx set supervision and shooting

Post-production is our core business. Nevertheless, we are able to manage and/or supervise shoots for all your AV-projects. We only work with up to date, and qualitative equipment (camera, green key studio,...) to meet the highest standards. Our technical advice guarantees a satisfying result.


Editing your footage is one of our passions. All our editors are highly experienced. We tell your story according to your briefing and wishes.

Avid Media Composer and Final Cut Pro hold no secrets for us. Moreover, let's take a closer look at your film, documentary, commercial... with our Barco Digital projector on our big screen in The Fridge-cinemaroom.


The Fridge has the skills and equipment to deliver high end Visual Effects using Nuke, After Effects and Autodesk Smoke. Our Visual Effects-team has the overall competences and know-how to provide state of the art visual effects.

Thanks to our technical background and interest in creative projects, we can always keep a bird's eye view on the link between production, the director and our postproduction team. Therefore you can even involve us in your project from the pre-production phase.

Some impressive VFX examples:

3d / cgi

CGI is most commonly used to refer to 3D computer graphics used for creating scenes or special effects. 3D elements are created by modeling them in the right proportions, giving them the right look & feel by texturing them and finally make them look realistic by adding the right lighting. We bring these CG elements to life by rigging and animating them.

A few of our 3D references:

motion graphics

We are motion designers. The Fridge loves to design cool graphics and bring them to motion. We are able to create full animated images starting from scratch or add motion graphics to existing images, going from a complete look and feel to title design and logo animations. We can even add 3D animation if you like.

A good example for motion graphics is the belgacom case.


Compositing is an art. All separate images (3D, CGI, VFX,...) have to be assembled: our compositors create a whole new scene bringing all the separate images together and make you believe they were genuinely part of the scene.

Most of our projects require compositing:

online editing

At The Fridge, we use the latest software and high-end equipment to cover every single stage in the post-production process: from pre-visualization through offline editing, compositing and confo. Is it a wrap? Let's finish it up in the "online edit" in order to deliver your film in the highest quality.

colour grading

Our colorists work closely together with directors and DOP's to obtain the requested tone of voice. They alter and match the colors and mood in the right atmosphere. Viewings on big screen are possible in our cinema room.

Some Grading-examples:

3d for print

We create 3D objects also for other applications than film or video. 3D can be involved in your fleetmarking, signage, posters, print-campagnes, websites,...

Computer Generated objects often allow more freedom and possibilities than photographing real life objects. And why not adding 3D-objects into real life photo’s?

We have the know-how and expertise in the production and realization of 3D images which we can deliver in all sizes.

DCP creation and (broadcast) deliveries